Hello! I’m Laurisa.  My friends call me La. (as in lalalalalala) IMG_1052

I am a pediatric nurse by trade and a special needs mother by fate. I am passionate about living a life of wellness despite the challenges of life. I believe strongly that grief is the first step to wellness. I speak on topics such a grief, being a special needs mom, and  about all things nursing—> through the lens of being on the other side of the healthcare as Emmaus’ mom.





I am the wife to Dan. A man who is super selfless, hardworking, and clean. He does our laundry. Yes- I know I won the man lottery! He in his “clean ways” also moves my stuff a lot. So I frequently text him #donttouchmyshit. See I told you I cuss sometimes.  He loves me well. And is an A+ dad.


I am the mom to three girls. I call them my “cord of three” and the “ballew sisterhood”


Emmaus is 8. (MaeMae, Mae, or Em for short) She has a rare genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Due to this she has autism, epilepsy, is low verbal, has a global delay.


Shiloh is 6. She is the most tender hearted, sensitive, strong willed soul I have ever met. Shiloh Loves deeply and considers kindness and singing to be her talents. She is the glue to our sisterhood.


Lennon is 4. She was born confident and calm. She is a natural leader and sometimes needs to be reminded that her way isn’t the only way. Lennon is an old soul and the perfect end to our sisterhood.