Hello! I’m Laurisa.  My friends call me La. (as in lalalalalala) IMG_1052

I love Jesus and I cuss sometimes. I drink too much Lacroix.  I am a nurse by trade, and a creative soul by nature. I love to sew. I love math. And angles. I think that is part of why I like sewing. And learn how to do new creative things. My brain is usually on full speed.  Unless I’m sleeping. Dan once timed me and it takes me about 10 seconds to fall asleep at night. No joke. It’s a gift. I like Thai food. And Coffee. And wine. I dislike Mushrooms. And lying. and mosquitos.




I am the wife to Dan. A man who is super selfless, hardworking, and clean. He does our laundry. Yes- I know I won the man lottery! He in his “clean ways” also moves my stuff a lot. So I frequently text him #donttouchmyshit. See I told you I cuss sometimes.  He loves me well. And is an A+ dad.




I am the mom to three girls. I call them my “cord of three” the “ballew sisterhood” ect.


Emmaus is almost 6. (MaeMae, Mae, or Em for short) She has a rare genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Due to this she has autism, epilepsy, is low verbal, has a global delay, and get’s sick a lot. And she is epic-ly cute.  And loves to snuggle and dance. Basically she is awesome. And tiring. (It’s hard work being her mama)







Shiloh is almost 4. She is the most tender hearted, sensitive, strong willed soul I have ever met. I have no idea how to parent her well. And her sensitivity baffles me. But I’m just gonna keep trying. Apologizing along the way as needed. And asking the Lord to fill in the gaps in my crap parenting.





Lennon is almost 2. She was born confident and calm. She is no longer calm, but she is “easy”. As in she is pretty even keel. She slept through the night for the first time at about 18 months. Yep. #Awesome. She thinks she is in charge. She loves to sing and tease her sisters. I jokingly call her the family bully.  But seriously- she’s tough, and she will just go take what she wants.

Oh we have a dog. Her name is Mira. She is free to a good home. JK. But seriously.  We love her. Kinda. We just have a lot going on to have a dog.