Growing up I knew a family who had three girls. Their mother was relentless about promoting good relationships between them. She spent endless time encouraging their friendships, and weaving in the values of sisterhood. Of standing for each other, encouraging each other, of assuming generously,  of loving each other well and protecting one another.  I knew when we had Emmaus more than anything she needed siblings. And in my heart I knew she needed a sister. And she got lucky enough to have TWO! It is both such a wonderful joy and deep responsibility to sew these values into my girls.



Lately as Shiloh and Lennon grow more into their own (very different) little personalities a value we we have really had to work on is kindness.  And like all things I know it starts with me modeling kindness.  By nature I am a very direct person. And often time my directness combined with the stress of the moment doesn’t come off in the most kind way.  This is most evident to me when I hear my girls interact with each other when they are frustrated.

WOOF. Excuse me while I go eat a peace of humble pie.

I know the best thing I can do is redirect their interaction and work to correct mine, which often involves me apologizing and asking for forgiveness for being what my husband likes to call “snippy”.  Whoops.

So here’s to the mamas out there constantly growing while we try to raise these little people.  Keep up the good work!

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