Sweet Summer

The slow pace of summer days isn’t lost on me. In this “chronic life” we live “slow” is not something our schedule usually allows for. And still my “slow” probably would be super overwhelming to most. The TS walk planning, fundraising, appointment follow ups, seizures action plans, IEP meetings, those are just a part of my typical life. So while they are still present, opening up my schedule, intentionally saying no, planning ahead, leaving space for downtime all of those things have allowed for a bit of room to do fun things.

I never went berry picking as a child. I don’t even love blueberries. But it is one of my summer-must do activities with my girls.  The drive to The Berry Patch is enough to let my soul relax. It gets me dreaming of country life.

Yesterday morning we finally made it out. I have to admit, it felt a little weird not to be EXTREMELY pregnant or have a crawling babe picking berries off the ground, peaking in  and out of the bushes. And at the same time it was so fun to have my girls flit around from bush to bush.

Shiloh hastily picking, getting as many green as blue, spending her time comparing who had the most in their bucket, while congratulating the winner, and praising her sister and herself for a job well done.

Lennon patiently looking and picking only the true blue ones. She maybe only picked 25 total, but I guarantee her’s were the sweetest, most ripe of them all.


No trip anywhere is complete without an almost-two-year-old meltdown.

But even that wasn’t rushed, or hushed, but just gotten over in time and with the promise of THE BEST cinnamon blueberry muffins ever to be had.

blue 8

A morning spent with zero expectations, no rush, and just sweet time with these two- it was what summer dreams are made of.

I feel the squeeze of summer’s end, new routines, and my ever growing girls pressing in.  So I’m taking time to savor summer’s relaxed approach, their littleness, the fading baby chubb and toddler sentence structure while I have it here.

blue 10

*It may seem like Shiloh is bothered by the sun, however- after I snapped this, she asked to see it so she could see the “HEWARIOUS” face she made. Kid cracks me up*


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