Raising a Sisterhood

So I got this really great idea. Start a new blog. Sounds great hey? Except I couldn’t decide on a domain name, and then I can’t figure out how this all works. MEH. MEH. MEH. (Oh and it’s May. And I decided to do this in December)

Can't I just write?!

Raising a Sisterhood. Well seems like a simple enough title right? I have three girls. The #ballewsisterhood or #raisingasisterhood as I hashtag on Instagram. (Speaking of IG- if you want to see cute pictures of my girls and hear mini-musings of my heart head to the social media icon at the top and it will take you right there- fancy right? only took my 75million hours to get that working. You’re welcome!)  Anyway- Truly it is about much much more than that. I have this passion about the sisterhood of women. I don’t know when women learned to be so competitive. I just believe it doesn’t need to be a competition between us. Guess what! We all struggle, we all have triumphs and pretending we don’t won’t get us very far. What if as women we stopped judging each other and offered a helping hand.

I speak to all of this as if I am an expert at it. But the truth is- I was thrown into it without much choice. I was the judg-iest of judgers. I knew everything about most things at one point. Then I had Emmaus (My almost 6 year old daughter who has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex) and now I know nothing. With her things change frequently. And nothing works like I think it will- or the books say it will.  (If you want to know more about TS head over to the TS tab in the menu. JK don’t- there isn’t anything there yet. One day. One day. But not today because I have already spent a gazillion hours setting this damn thing up. The help chat people know me by name and probably know my starbucks order by now!)

But I guess, what I am rambling about is this- What would happen if we “Raised a Sisterhood” between us? If we were for each other. Kind to each other. Honest in our weakness, as well as our success?  What if, with our well edited pictures we captioned our true feelings and hearts?  So that maybe- just maybe, we would have a sisterhood to fall back on when the road gets lonely or hard?

This is how I want to raise my girls.

To truly be for each other. To be each others’ people – fierce defenders of one another.  I will let you know when I figure that out.

I know these three sisters- their mom was extremely intentional about cultivating their friendship. And while I am sure it wasn’t perfect- and they have their issues between each other (this is pure speculation), they like each other enough as adults that they all moved to the same street. NOW THAT IS INCREDIBLE. A family cult. I am aiming for a family cult. (jk. but seriously, I’m kidding) But girls- can you all live on the same street? Cause how amazing is that? Community. It’s Community. 

Cultivating honesty and deep relationships, that is what I write about. I do that through my own vulnerability. I process the grief of loving and living with a child with medical and special needs. And I process the deep joy that rise from the ashes of grief.

I truly believe we are more similar than different in our human experiences. That, although our circumstances are different our struggles are truly similar. So welcome to this space. To me it is holy. And often hilarious. Because I just have to laugh at my life. Or I would cry. Cause OMGEEEE. I have all the small girls and they have all the feelings.

So, that’s what I am gonna do here. mmmkay? Any questions? Comments? (I think you can even leave those below- but don’t quote me on that!)

Love, La

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